Hi/low Binary options


Hi/Low binary options are the most common binary options. You only need to predict if the price of the underlying asset will be higher or lower than the current price.

For example, the current exchange rate euro/dollar is 1.31171. If you expect the exchange rate will go up, you can buy a call option. If you think the exchange rate will fall, you can buy a put option.

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Hi/Low binary options have only two possible outcomes: the expiry price of the asset price is higher or lower than the current price. If your prediction is correct, you can get 65% to 85% payouts.

Hi/Low binary options success is only concerned with the direction of the underlying asset, regardless of the ups and downs or the magnitude. If you buy a put option, the and the exchange rate fell during your holding in 100 base points, it does not matter. Similarly, if you buy a call option, then and the exchange rate rose by only 0.1 base points, you still have earned income.