Bitcoin Binary Options 1

Trader711 is proud to launch Bitcoin binary options trading. The bitcoin value  is based on the underlying bitcoin digital currency Price Index. Trader711 offers you Bitcoin options around the clock, with short expiry rates beginning 5 minutes.

The minimum tick size for the Bitcoin Binary Contract is 0.1 pips. Bitcoin value is measured against USD. Expiration value is the price or value of the Bitcoin just prior to the close of trading of the Bitcoin Binary option.

We all heard how wildly volatile Bitcoin can is. When you trade Bitcoin with Trader711 Exchange, you trade with limited, defined risk, and you will be able to fully profit from Bitcoin volatile nature.

Trading our latest binary bitcoin option offers you new challenges and excitement. If you would like to learn how to trade Bitcoin Binary options you may contact our trading experts for assistance. Trader711 clients are invited to trade and enjoy regular trading signal services, dedicated to Bitcoin.

Binary Option on Bitcoin advantages:

1. In order to make a nice profit on regular bitcoin trading, you would need to invest huge sums of money. Using Trader711 Bitcoin options, 0.1 pips is enough to make 80%. Your loss is limited, but your win potential is endless.


2. Limited risk in bitcoin options – invest 5% of what you would normally invest in a bitcoin contract. Were you right? profit will be the same, but risk level is 95% lower.